About Me

Food enthusiast and Adventurer

I am extremely passionate and pretty much obsessed with food. My mood is less than ideal when I go too long without it and I really hate wasting food - I wrestled someone recently because they were going to throw away perfectly edible food! When I say food, by the way, I mean just food the way our grandmothers or great grandfathers used to think of food, not what comes in a plastic pouch that you throw in a microwave in order to 'cook' it and eat it (Michael Pollan's definition of it in his In Defense of Food book is pretty much it).

That's where beef and milk are supposed to come from! Happy cows eating pesticide-free grass, roaming around as they please

I also love the outdoors, adventure, travel and above all else my family and my soon-to-be husband. Colombia is my roots and California is my home. I just left my corporate job to travel around the world with my fiance primarily to just break the day-to-day routine and enjoy the food and natural beauty that other places around the world have to offer.

My blog will help you have a better idea of the different kinds of adventures and types of food available as you travel through Nepal, Ethiopia, Sri Lanka, Sumatra and also California. I'll expand the list as I travel more (I already need to add Zanzibar to the list!). Thanks for visiting!


  1. Hey that's great.

    1. Thanks for your comment Babu! Keep on trekking and let us know if you have cool pictures!

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